Saturday, October 20, 2012

Chye Kee Chwee Kueh

I always thought that the best Chwee Kueh in Singapore is located at Tiong Bahru. Never would I imagine it to be located a bustling food market in Macpherson.

The stall is run by an elderly couple whose noble intention is to keep their cost low and affordable to the general public. Unfortunately, their children does not intend to continue the Chwee Kueh business when the parents retire in 2 years time.

The Chwee Kueh and salted turnip garnish is freshly made daily. This Chwee Kueh stall is definitely a winner costs 10 pieces for $2.

Chye Kee Chwee Kueh
Blk 89 Pipit Road
Macpherson 37