Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Loy Kee Chicken Rice & Porridge

This one of my series of post on chicken rice. This place was recommended by silverchef and bobcat. It occupies two stalls.

The chicken is tasty yet not oily. The rice is fragrant and soup is tasty too.

I was told that the soup of a chicken rice stall more or less determines the quality of the chicken rice.

The bean sprouts are generous in portion and individually they are fat and juicy....

Loy Kee Chicken Rice and Porridge
#01-49/50 Block 91
Whampoa Hawker Market

Monday, December 13, 2010

Fu Shi (Traditional) Roasted Wanton Mee @ Shun Fu Market

This is an interesting post as it is about a wanton noodle stall. But why a plate of heavenly looking "char siew" (barbecued pork) to show-case the product?

Normally, I am not a fan of "char siew". To the extent that I could forgo the "char siew" for wanton (dumpling). This now is an interesting twist where the blogs focuses on nothing but the "char siew".
Because it is that good. This "char siew" has a delicious glaze over it. On the palate, there is a slight sweetness chewing through the caramelised skin over the meat. The texture is soft to the point of melting away in the mouth. It makes me wonder that the stall owner should be making more roasts than selling wanton noodles. Nevertheless, the wanton noodles is good and I shall do a later post on this.

Fu Shi (Traditional) Roasted Wanton Mee
Shun Fu Market

Nanyang Old Coffee @ Whampoa

This is an interesting coffee corner tucked in Whampoa Makan Place which I think stores a treasure trove of good food waiting to be explored. Seriously, I would not have known about this place had I not started blogging about food and receiving more information about good eating places.

This stall has a catchy front which is predominantly red in colour. One can see a scatter of customers either sat down or coming over to have their fix of beverage, toasts and soft boiled eggs.

I took the coffee while silverchef took the tea. We also ordered butter, kaya bread to go along. A nice cosy corner to have a breakfast fix or just a tea/coffee break.

Whampoa Makan Place
90 Whampoa Drive
#01-33 Singapore

Friday, December 3, 2010

Rochor Beancurd House @ Geylang

This stall serves smooth silky beancurd. I like my beancurd filled with soya sauce rather than just the syrup. This stall is strategically located along Geylang Road and if you are coming from town, turn into Lorong 39 and you are very close to this stall.

The beancurd is smooth and silky, better than those heartlands market but I must say not as good as Rochor Original Beancurd along Short Street.The eggs tarts looks and taste delicious too. Just that I prefer the crust to be more crispy.

Rochor Beancurd House
745 Geylang Road

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Albert Street Prawn Noodle @ Lavender Food Square (Eminent Plaza)

This is my second post on prawn noodles. My first post was on the prawn noodles in Zion Road and subsequently I was given tips on other good prawn noodles in other parts of Singapore.

Based on the recommendation of a fellow stomper I went to Lavender Food Court to try the prawn noodles.

There are more varieties here serving not limited to pork ribs, prawn but also pig tail and pacific clams.

The prawns are sliced to make it easy to eat without dirtying the hands. Mostly importantly, the soup is sweet and could taste the broth brewed with prawn shells.

Personally, I like the taste of the prawn noodles here and the wider varieties available.

380 Jalan Besar
Lavender Food Square