Monday, December 13, 2010

Fu Shi (Traditional) Roasted Wanton Mee @ Shun Fu Market

This is an interesting post as it is about a wanton noodle stall. But why a plate of heavenly looking "char siew" (barbecued pork) to show-case the product?

Normally, I am not a fan of "char siew". To the extent that I could forgo the "char siew" for wanton (dumpling). This now is an interesting twist where the blogs focuses on nothing but the "char siew".
Because it is that good. This "char siew" has a delicious glaze over it. On the palate, there is a slight sweetness chewing through the caramelised skin over the meat. The texture is soft to the point of melting away in the mouth. It makes me wonder that the stall owner should be making more roasts than selling wanton noodles. Nevertheless, the wanton noodles is good and I shall do a later post on this.

Fu Shi (Traditional) Roasted Wanton Mee
Shun Fu Market


  1. really? i wanna to try n compare with HK style "char siew". hehe

  2. Looks good...but most importantly taste great too...