Friday, October 29, 2010

Pocket Salad

I am sure you have many salads before. This is different and I must say it tastes well to my palate. It consists primarily of "do miao", alfafa sprouts. To add taste, small slices of vegetarian luncheon meat and japanese cucumber inserted in between. The salad is then laced with home-made mayonaise. Many family and friends introduced to this place love the taste of pocket salad.

A couple of days later I decided to try it out on my own with pita bread, alfafa sprouts and "do miao" from Cold Storage. I found out it is better to pan heat the pitta bread before cutting it into two to insert the ingredients and laced it with kraft mayonaise for my version.

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  1. this looks very healthy yet yummy at the same time ... nice blog

  2. Thanks. Not only it looks good but it tastes good as well. My nieces loves them too. A good introductory dish to get kids to love their greens.

  3. This a really healthy dish. Must try!