Saturday, November 27, 2010

Cendol @ Geylang Serai

The cendol appears to be more watery compared to the earlier two versions. Upon tasting I realized the difference. The watery cendol allow you to taste the full flavor of the soft jelly. You can still taste the "lemak"(fragrance) and sweetness of the coconut milk and gula melaka.    

All in all, personally I think this stall got it right on its cendol combination and to me is the best in Singapore to-date. Give it a try!

Though the cendol at Melaka and Jonker's Nyonya Deli is pretty to look at with generous amount of ice shavings, cendol jelly and gula melaka. I am still not convinced that the two cendols I tasted was the best. In terms of taste, they are good but i was just not satisfied with the way the cendol jelly was handled causing it to freeze and makes it loose the smooth jelly feel in the palate.

Undeterred, I make a few phone calls to fellow foodies and consulted my Malay friends and unanimously recommended this cendol stall in Geylang Serai.

Pasar Geylang Serai

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