Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Niu Che Shui Famous Glutinous Rice 牛车水著名糯米饭

The owner was once well built and muscular. Through the many years of assiduously working in the kitchen and serving. The stress has taken a toll on his back and now he has a hunch. However he still bounces like a teenager as he serves his glutinous rice to his customers.The glutinous rice served can either be sweet or salted or one could request to have a mixed of sweet and salted. I was also told that many such stalls sprung up after the war as it was considered a daily staple or comfort food.

I was not particularly fond of glutinous rice but my encounteer with Niu Che Shui Famous Glutinous Rice certainly made me return for more...

Niu Che Shui Famous Glutinous Rice
Blk 335 Smith Street
#02-40 Chinatown Complex Food Centre


  1. Hi Ken, I’m Back From Finland, Arriving With Mr Angry Bird!

    I love glutinous rice too but usually make my own as I like mine with lots of ingredients :) Very nice review! Do chk out more Angry Birds pix if u're a fan, coming to u soon :)

  2. Hi, Nice to hear from you and how was your trip from Finland. Definitely will check on Angry Birds pix.

  3. I miss eating asian white rice. for some reason it is hard to come by these days..

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  4. im not good with wines.. is there something you can pair with rice?

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  5. doesn't look attractive to me (like most asian dishes) but when you eat them.. heaven! i miss asian cooking

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  6. UK Web Hosting, I am sure you can get American Long Grain in Sainsbury. Not exactly asian white rice but it is close.

    UK Digital Printers, A bowl of fragrant curry will defintely pair well with rice.

    CCTV Security Systems, Glad you like asian cooking. Most of the time the focus is on taste and not plating. :)

  7. There is this new stall at the same Chinatown Food Centre selling the same glutinous rice.

    Portion is very generous with lots of peanuts and shrimps.

    Stall no is #02-226 (blue zone)