Sunday, February 12, 2012

Canepa Novisimo Cabernet Savignon 2010

Bright ruby red in appearance. On the nose, its clean medium intensity with aroma characteristics of red cherry, dried plum and raspberry, chocolate. On the palate, off-dry in sweetness, with medium-high acidity. Medium tannin, medium body with fruitty, spice flavour characteristics and finishes long.

This wine pairs excellent with roast red meat especially roast duck. Other pairing includes pastas and creamy cheeses.

Chile has a system of regional DOs (denominations of orgin) in which regions are divided into subregions. The names of these are usually taken from the rivers that flow from the Andes to the Pacific.

Sunshine, fertile soils, a mild moderate climate and meltwater from the Andes combine to create ideal conditions for production of quality Cabernet Sauvignon in Central Valley.

Jose Canepa set sail from Southern Italy in Genoa to apply his entrepreneurial and innovative spirit in making Chilean wine in Central Valley. He claims to be the first winery to use stainless steel tanks and setting a trend for the industry in Chile.


  1. Thks for the nice review! Happy Valentine's Day to u, Ken!

  2. hi ken chew. many thanks for your most appreciated visit and comment, i have posted you question, in my blog post, at the bottom of page.i have answered them in my comment, as well b email to you.
    I dont drink liquor, i can still visit, tho i cant comment on what i dont know. ha ha have a nice day

    1. Hi, Thanks a lot for your answer to my question. It was really informative and indeed cleared those doubts that I had. Have a great day ahead.

  3. This sounds absolutely delicious. I have been drinking wine for a very long time and in all of these years I have never had the opportunity to sample any wine from Chile.

    With this recommendation, I believe that I am going to find myself a bottle tomorrow night.


  4. Justin, Glad that you like it. Do share with us your experience with wine from Chile.


  5. good posting about Canepa Novisimo Cabernet Savignon 2010