Saturday, November 6, 2010

Chung Wah Hainanese Chicken Rice Ball (Jonker Street, Melaka, Malaysia)

Recently a fellow food blogger, Silver Chef brought to my attention that there are actually two Chicken Rice Ball stalls in Singapore. And to think that I am alway going up to Malacca (Melaka) to get my Chicken Rice Ball fix. We decided to embarked on a foodie road trip to Malacca so that my fellow food blogger can try the Malacca (Melaka) Chicken Rice Ball and for me to get my Chicken Rice Ball fix.

It was also during the road trip that the realised that that the Chicken Rice Ball in Singapore is bigger than the ones at Chung Wah. During the car journey we were so hungry as we skipped breakfast so that we were at the Woodlands Causeway by 5.30am. This is to think of the sacrifices we are willing to make for good Chicken Rice Ball.

After exiting Ayer Keroh, we headed towards  Banda Hilir. Reached Jalan Lasamana made a right turn at Queen's Victoria Fountain. There is a huge make-shift car-park on your right.

We were there by 10am. The queue was not that long, approximately 5 groups of people ahead of us. Took us around 30 minutes to reach our turn to savour the Hainanese Chicken Rice.

At first bite on the chicken rice, both Silver Chef and Bowling Ball like the taste. For me, it was a nostalgic moment since a long time.

The chicken did not appeal to us that much. It disappointed me as I am sure it tasted much better last time. Undaunted, I decided to take-away half a chicken and 10 chicken rice ball back.

We then went on to explore other parts of Jonker Street, Jonker Walk and parts of Malacca (Melaka).

I have to report that the chicken rice balls did not make it to Singapore. As this was only a day trip, we finished the chicken rice balls on our drive back. I must say that the chicken rice ball exhibited more tangy citrus flavour of lime when served cold

This blog was 100% written in a coffee shop at Block 834, Woodlands Street 83 on my trusted MacBook just before the battery juices ran out.


  1. i have no idea about Chicken Rice Ball, coz we dun have this kind of food in HK. Wish to have chance to try.... ^_^

  2. Chicken rice by itself is fragrant and flavorsome. Chicken rice ball when well made helps contain these flavours better.