Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Dog Point, Sauvignon Blanc 2009

The wine's, from New Zealand (Malborough), appearance is clear in clarity, pale intensity and lemon in colour.

On the nose, it gives a clean, light fruitty and vegetal aroma.Fruitty aromas of citrus lemon, passionfruit and melon which sometimes can also be interpreted as vegetal herbaceous grass and nettles.

On the palate, it is dry with medium to high acidity, low tannin, medium body with fruitty and vegetal flavour characteristics with a good length.

This is a good wine best paired with light meals like cheese, balsamic vinaigrette dishes and seafood.

Although most of New Zealand is either too mountainous or too wet to grow grapes, but there are ten main winegrowing regions. The majority of these winegowing regions lie on the sunny east coast and spread over both North and South Islands. One of the distinct name that appears on wine labels include Wairau Valley (Malborough).

A typical wine from New Zealand wine label will include the Producer, Vintage, Grape Variety and Region. For this featured Dog Point wine; Producer will be Dog Point, Vintage is 2009, Grape Variety will be Sauvignon Blanc and Region is Malborough.

Marlborough is one of the regions of New Zealand, located in the northeast of the South Island. Marlborough is a unitary authority, both a region and a district, and its council is located at Blenheim. Marlborough is known for its dry climate, the picturesque Marlborough Sounds, and sauvignon blanc wine.

This explanation of Dog Point was extracted from Dog Point Vineyard web site, http://www.dogpoint.co.nz/.

The name Dog Point dates from the earliest European settlement of Marlborough and the introduction of sheep to the district. "These were days of few fences, of boundary riders and boundary keeping dogs".
Shepherds' dogs sometimes became lost or wandered off and eventually bred into a marauding pack which attacked local flocks.

Their home was a tussock and scrub covered hill, overlooking the Wairau Plains, designated by the early settlers as Dog Point.

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