Wednesday, November 3, 2010

No. 4 Big Prawn Noodle Dry/Soup (Zion Road, Singapore)

There will be times when there's craving for a hot bowl of Big Prawn Noodle. Love my prawn noodle dry so that can taste and savour the distinct flavours of noodles and prawn soup separately.

Prefers bee hoon with kway teow as compared to the traditional yellow noodles with bee hoon.

Not sure if this is the best prawn noodle in town but it does gives me the nostalgic warm and comfort as I grew up eating this taste of prawn noodles.

The technique used here to slice the big prawn across so that it is easy to disengage the prawn shell and meat without using your fingers. This technique will also expose the orange roe on the side of the prawn making it absolutely tempting! Tubes of chilli powder are also available for those who wants to give your bisque like soup more punch.

Enjoy your Big Prawn Noodle.