Sunday, January 16, 2011

Hong Kong Gourmet

This is a most unusual place to find good food. Right smack in the industrial cluster along Pioneer Road. A humble stall tucked away at the end of Pioneer Road. This stall serves steamed fish. It serves also double-boiled soup like water crest, lotus root. There are also steamed rice like salted egg meat, black bean pork rib etc. There is also a variety of vegetables like brinjals, bitter gourd, long beans, salted vegetables to match with your rice.

During lunch time, there is always a long queue from workers and executive from far away as well as nearby factories and offices.

During this lunch, we only ordered the steam fish and pig stomach soup and thus the limited pictures. Be assured that more pictures are coming your way as we will continue to sample more varieties during lunch.

As this place may not be so familar to most people not working in this vicinity. I have include a google map to help you navigate.

Hong Kong Gourmet
Pioneer Food Village
Pioneer Road

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