Saturday, February 5, 2011

Hawaiian Fillings Puffs

Yesterday I had the honour to taste Puffs filled with pineapples from the Philippines, honey glazed ham with onions, potatoes spiced with pepper.

When the puffs were served it was so hot that I could not break the puff the usual way to have a photograph taken.  I had to resort to biting bits of it off, so that the cool breeze and chatting in between, to cool the fillings.

The taste was lovely with a slightly sourish sweet taste mixed with taste of honey glazed ham spiced with pepper, potatoes and onions. Imagine having spiced Hawaiian pizza in a puff....

This product is still not a regular on Pie Connection menu as its ingredients are more costly. This opportunity came about as a Hokkien family has ordered a hundred puffs. Incidentally, the pineapple fillings does have an auspicious meaning linked to Prosperity and a natural inclusion to the Lunar New Year menu.

The puffs taste just as good when cold just that the spiciness becomes more profound. Great puffs to eat hot or cold.

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  1. Ken,
    That's one of the most innovative and interesting puff I ever came across and it taste great. My facebook posting:

  2. Bob, I agree with you, very innovative and most importantly tasty to the palate. Great product and should be on the main menu.

  3. Ken:
    I can understand why coz of the 'pricing factor' not to be priced out for the neighborhood residents and their regular customers. His regular puffs and sardines are $1.20 and specials are $1.30 (for tuna and black pepper chicken) which is considered a little pricey to some already. I think he felt that by putting $1.50 puffs as main menu items will probably price himself out of the market thus he only have that Hawaiian puff as special order only. I believe that is perhaps his 'marketing strategy'.

  4. Bob, I understand this better now. As much as a hawker wants to deliver good product to his customers, he also need to ensure that his pricing are acceptable to his customers.

  5. looks interesting :) must try one of these days

  6. Justin, A must try indeed. Yishun not so far from Shunfu. Other puffs are chicken and tuna which are excellent too.