Friday, March 18, 2011

Punggol Noodles @ Kovan

While doing my beef noodles food blog on Ri Yi @ Kovan one evening. I was reminded that the Punggol Noodles at the very same coffeeshop is very good. I had no chance to try it out as this stall's business is so good that it is sold out by lunch time. The unique selling point for this stall is the meatball. Tipo fish is added to the meatball to give it added sweetness.
Large delicious meatball with slices of fish cake, leafy vegetable with fragrant garlic oil
I had to make another deliberate trip one early Saturday to have a chance to savour this meatball noodle delicacy.
Mee Kia served with sliced sauteed mushroom topping
Noodles were served with sliced mushroom topping. Noodle texture were above average but slightly dryer to my liking. The portions served were generous with lots of bean sprouts to go along. I was told that the noodles taste better if the boss is personally handing the cooking.
 With the Tipo fish added to the meatball, the broth comes with a natural refreshing sweetness which is pleasant to the palate. The meatballs are so popular that slabs of minced meat are sold for those who want to take-away for home cooking or adding to their steam-boat menu.
Overall, a nice refreshing meal with meatballs and noodle. Yummy indeed.

Punggol Noodles
Block 210 Houggang St 21


  1. Bob, Took your advice to try the bee tai bak. However, it was sold out and tried the kway teow instead. Taste was much better.

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  3. Hey bro, kindly note that we will be shifting to Hougang 105 Hainanese Village Centre #02-24,
    105 Hougang Avenue 1 Singapore 530105 (Lorong Ah Soo). Our business will resume in mid Nov 2011! Do contact us at 97225590/92955909 should you have any queries. Thanks for your continuous support and we look forward to serve you soon! Stay Tune ")