Thursday, April 14, 2011

Lily's Vegetarian Kitchen @ Georgetown, Penang

If you have been following my blog. You would have knew by now that my mum is a full-time vegetarian. Looking out for good vegetarian food is also part of our itinerary. My younger brother did some research prior to coming to Penang and "short-listed" Lily's Vegetarian Kitchen.

We had our dinner there one evening and was pleased with the food.

Grandma Porridge
Grandma Porridge's seemingly humble name and appearance makes me wow in wonder right after tasting a spoonful of the porridge. Got to try it to believe. Bon appetite.

Hokkien Mee
 The next tasty dish on the menu is Hokkien Mee. While eating, I was just wondering how Lily's Vegetarian Kitchen was able to cook up such a tasty vegetarian treat. There is a slight change in naming here where in Penang this is called Hokkien Mee and in Singapore we will name this Prawn Mee.

Lily's Vegetarian Kitchen has a wide variety in its menu and all the dishes we tasted were good. To name a few; Nonya Kuehs, Koay Teow Soup, Lam Mee, Dumpling Soup, Ang Chow Mee Suar.

Lily's Vegetarian Kitchen
98 Noble House
Madras Lane
10400 Georgetown

Tel: 04-2263810

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