Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Rochor Original Beancurd Yu Tiao

What do you order first when you visit Rochor Original Beancurd Yu Tiao. The Beancurd or the Yu Tiao? I chose the beancurd. It comes about as silky smooth though a bit sweet to my palate. It sure beats those beancurd my parents bought for me for Sunday breakfast.

What is surprising to me is the quality of the egg tart. The crust is crispy and not to flaky and loves the yellow custard texture as I took a bite. Yummy yum yum........I was just wondering that they should call themselves "Rochor Original Beancurd Egg Tart".

One could either seat alfresco here, or hop upstairs which is air conditioned. Of course, there is a take-away option so as to savour these delights in the comfort of your home.

Rocher beancurd is located at the mouth of Short Street, you cannot miss it except that you need to keep right when coming from Selegie Road.

Was introduced to this placed by a fellow blogger. Over the phone, I was told that it was somewhere near Selegie Road. As usual, I drove there thinking that it is near Prinsep Place. Boy, how wrong was I and circled around the area before parking at the URA car park outside Sunshine Plaza.Obviously the amount of time taken has set me back on my appointment.