Sunday, April 10, 2011

各种小食, 38Q Jalan Air Itam, 11600, Penang, Malaysia

This has been a eating place that we frequent during our visits to Penang. My 7 Uncle introduced my brother and myself to this eating a couple of years back and we have been coming here since. We have also seen how this place have evolved from a stall on wheel to becoming an anchor tenant in this coffee shop. The food served are like Zhi Char. We are looking at a eight varities of food but cooked really well. One of their delicious food on the menu is Mee Sua Kor. It is basically a bowl of mee sua cooked with broth, egg, minced pork and crab meat thicken with flour. Black vinegar can be added to taste prior to eating.

Mee Sua Kor

Another delicious dish we had during supper was the Zhi Char Hor Fun.

Char Hor Fun

38Q Jalan Air Itam
11600, Penang


  1. Oh mine, u're tempting me to visit Penang again with all these food! The mee suar looks nice!

  2. Mee Suar looks nice and taste very good too. Jetstar is offering very good rates to Penang.